February 8, 2022

Best Text To Speech Software For YouTube Videos

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Best Text To Speech Software For YouTube Videos | Click here to find the best text to speech AI

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Best Text To Speech Software For YouTube Videos

If you are a YouTuber, video creator, or affiliate marketer. If you are not comfortable with the camera, then the only other option is to do the voiceover.

Doing voiceover is also not an easy task. Maybe you face many issues while recording your voice. For that, we have the most popular software that will help you to do a voiceover with an attractive voice. That is Speechelo software. In this article, we are going to review in-depth on best text-to-speech software for youtube videos. Let’s begin.

Best Text To Speech Software For YouTube Videos

What is Speechelo?

Speechelo is an AI-based software that converts text to speech. Speechelo is the only software that Instantly transforms any text into voiceover in simple steps, and It creates a voice like a natural human being.

Speechelo is a cloud-based program for text-to-voice conversion. They work with English and 23 more languages with male and female voices options.

They provide three different tones for English U.K. and English U.S. language.

How to use Speechelo.

If you think it can be tough to use, then don’t worry. It is very easy to use, and you have to follow the given steps, that’s it.

With the help of these Just 3 steps, you can convert your script to Human Sounding Voice Overs. Let’s get started working with Speechelo.

  • Step 1: Paste Your Text

You have to paste or type your script on Speechelo’s text editor. Speechelo has an Artificial Intelligence Engine that checks our text and adds all required punctuation marks to make speech sound natural.

  • Step 2: Choose Language and Voice

You have to select a language, and they offer English plus 23 languages to make voiceovers. There are 30 voices to choose from for your voiceover, and you can choose the best and most suitable for you. You can listen to a demo of each voice by clicking on the play button ahead of each voice.

As natural humans sound, you can add breathing sounds and longer pauses in speech. For English U.K. and English U.S., you have the option open to choose tones of speech from Serious, Joyful, and Normal.

  • Step 3: Preview, Generate and Download

In just 10 seconds, your voiceover gets ready to download. You have the option to preview it at that instant, and it will play a small clip there.

If you are satisfied, then click to download the audio file.

Your voiceover is ready in just three steps to get used with any video editor.

Features of Speechelo software:

best text to speech software for youtube videos

Variety of Voices:

As other robotic text-to-speech converters provide us with a single or double voice for VoiceOver, Speechelo has 30 effective human-sounding voiceovers. That voice is from males and females also. Not just this, they also have different options to choose multiple male or female voices.

In Speechelo, there are a variety of voices that seem to be human-sounding, not scary robotic sounds. Their voices have some elements required to make a sound natural and have all expressions in voice to engage people. This is the only software that is the best online text-to-speech software with natural voices.

Effective Voice Tones:

This Speechelo software adds inflections in audio tones that seem closer to the human-sounding. You can add breathing sounds and longer pauses in generated voiceovers.

English U.S. and English U.K. language have features to add more effective voice. You can change the tone in 3 different ways normal tone, Joyful Tone, and serious tone.

Language Support:

English is the primary language of this software, but rather than this language, they also support 23 languages with the best Artificial Intelligence voiceover.

These are a language that supports Speechelo.

  • Arabian
  • Mandarin
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Icelandic
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Swedish
  • Welsh
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Turkish

These are some languages that support Speechelo. And now let’s see some reasons to buy and avoid.

Reasons to buy: Best text to speech software for youtube videos

  • Excellent speed to convert text to speech.
  • Easy to use, and the dashboard is simplistic.
  • You can convert up to 700 words. which is a good limit.
  • 100% Human Sounding Voice Overs.
  • Male and Female voices with Kid’s voice are also available.
  • Breathing sound and longer pauses to make the voice more natural.
  • 23 languages are supported.
  • I. works great while marking the punctuations.
  • You can use the downloaded file in any video editor.

These are some reasons that make this software the best text-to-speech software for youtube videos.

Reasons to avoid:

  • Single MP3 audio format to download voices.
  • You cannot use it for free.
  • It is a bit expensive but value for money.


Speechelo vs alternatives

Speechelo has so many alternatives in the market, but all are at the exact pricing as Speechelo. They work on an A.I. basis, but their features and sounding are not better than Speechelo.

Alternatives like Amazon Polly, Speakaboo, Lovo Studio, Replica studio work with Robotic Sound.

Vietnam is the main competitor in this field, but its pricing is not affordable for everyone.

Speechelo Pricing: online text to speech software with natural voices 

A Special Offer is Going On! Grab it.

It’s a special offer,  where we are getting a 53% Discount offer, and it will cost you only $47 for an unlimited period.

On regular days, the Speechelo costs around $100, and it is a one-time investment. The Speechelo costs around $100 quarterly, but you can get it for $47.

You also get a 60 Days Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee.

Why should you consider Speechelo-The best text-to-speech software for YouTube videos?

You should go with Speechelo because of the following points.

  • First, It’s the most used and recommended software from creators.
  • People get bored with scary Robotics sounds, and they get irritated. You can use Speechelo 100% Human Sounding Voice Overs to engage people.
  • To grow our YouTube channel, you can take the help of Speechelo.
  • Digital Marketers require videos to market their products, and Speechelo can make them more engaging.
  • Freelancers or outsourcing costs more than usual, and Robotics sounds don’t create an impression on consumers.
  • 23 languages, 30 plus voices, and voice tone adjustments in the standard plan.
  • This software offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Because of these points, you should consider Speechelo software.

Conclusion: Best text to speech software for youtube videos 

For those who want to start their journey on youtube without their voice, then Speechelo is best for beginners also as it’s really simple to use with just 3 steps. This is the best text to speech software for youtube videos

Other alternative apps are also available, but we recommend Speechelo because of its natural human-like sounds, Multi-Language Support, and high quality. Some features are there, That will be improved from time to time. So we strongly recommend you to get the Speechelo.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Speechelo(online text to speech software with natural voices

Does Speechelo offer a Free Trial?

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No, Speechelo doesn’t offer a free trial, but they offer 60 Days Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee.

Is it possible to download Speechelo Free of Cost?

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No, Speechelo is paid software and is never available for free. They have some offers to buy their plans and a 60 Days Money Back Guarantee. You can get it for 60 days, and if you feel that it is not worth it, you can apply for the money back.

Is Speechelo is comfortable with any device?

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Yes, Speechelo is comfortable with any device, and you can use it without a hang problem.

Is Speechelo's voice copyrighted?

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No, it is not copyrighted because it is AI-based software that creates natural human sound. You can use that everywhere without the tension of getting copyright.

Is this the best text to speech software for youtube videos?

5/5 - (1 vote)

Yes, there are so many online text-to-speech software with natural voices. But most of them don’t provide quality like the real voice. But the Speechelo is the best text-to-speech software for youtube videos, social media creators.

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