June 4, 2022

Bluehost Review – Which Bluehost Plan is Best for Small Business?

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Bluehost Review – Which Bluehost Plan is Best for Small Business?

Bluehost Review – Which Bluehost Plan is Best for Small Business? | Learn More

Bluehost Review – Which Bluehost Plan is Best for Small Business?

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Bluehost Review – Which Bluehost Plan is Best for Small Business?

Bluehost Review - Which Bluehost Plan is Best for Small Business?

Getting started in a business is a difficult task. Building a website for your company has become a necessity in order to reach a huge number of customers without breaking the budget. And web hosting is a key component of a website that you must purchase in order to begin your journey into the world of websites.

While there are many web hosting companies to choose from, Bluehost is one of the most cost-effective and reliable. So, here’s our Bluehost review, which will explain to you which plan is best for your company.

Why Choose Bluehost for your business?

Bluehost is similar to other hosting companies. They were founded in 1996 and were voted the best small business hosting company in 2022. Bluehost has customer executive support which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via phone, email, or live chat.

Furthermore, they provide various discounts on various plans. Bluehost is both newbie and business-friendly, so it’s a no-brainer to use their service to launch your business website.

Features of Bluehost Hosting :Bluehost Review – Which Bluehost Plan is Best for Small Business?

Bluehost is a top-tier web hosting company with servers all around the world. In comparison to other hosting providers, most experts recommend Bluehost. Experts pick Bluehost because of the following features:

Speed :

Bluehost’s speed is one of the most important features of their service because it affects so many aspects of your website’s performance. You want your site to load quickly so that visitors can comfortably access it on any device, including smartphones and tablets.

Bluehost has limitless bandwidth, so you can upload as much content as you want without worrying about exceeding data limits or incurring additional charges.

Performance :

When it comes to traffic spikes, Bluehost performs admirably. The company can handle enormous traffic without experiencing any downtime. They have a huge staff of professionals who monitor traffic spikes 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure that your visitors have no trouble loading your website.

Uptime :

When choosing a host, consider uptime as well. It’s difficult to attract customers if your site isn’t up and running. Bluehost offers 99.99 percent uptime, which means you’ll never be down for more than 8 minutes every month.

Site Migration :

If you’re experiencing problems moving your website to a new server or from another web host to Bluehost, they have a team of specialists who can help you move your site in minutes with minimal downtime. Because the migration will be handled by professionals, there will be no missing elements on your website.

Customer Support :

You’re new to the world of web hosting and are unfamiliar with the various features and services. As a result, you may find yourself in need of assistance on a regular basis. So Bluehost provides you with a fantastic team of experienced support staff that will be there to assist you by phone, email, or live chat. You are free to contact them at any moment.

Money-Back Guarantee :

If you are dissatisfied with Bluehost’s service, you can contact them and get your money refunded to your bank account within 30 days.

Bluehost Hosting Plans and Pricing

Bluehost Hosting for small businesses is an affordable option. They offer a wide range of plans, and the plans start from as low as ₹169 per month. Even on the basic plan, you get a free domain, SSL, and a CDN with live 24/7 support.

Bluehost offers WordPress Hosting, Shared Hosting, and ECommerce hosting plans. WordPress Hosting and Shared Hosting plans are recommended for small businesses. At the same time, the eCommerce plans are suitable for large businesses.

First, you have to imagine how many visitors will be visiting your website per day. In most cases, small and new businesses don’t have thousands of visitors on their website, so they can opt for the WordPress or Shared Hosting plans.

WordPress hosting plans are recommended for new and small business as they are affordable, and offers fast page-loading, security, supports, and best performance. On the other hand, shared hosting plans offer similar value and no difference.

Bluehost WordPress Hosting Plans:

If you are planning to build your website on WordPress, then go with WordPress hosting, or else you can go with Shared Hosting.

Features Basic Plan Plus Plan Choice Plus Plan
Website 1 Website Unlimited Websites Unlimited Websites
Storage (SSD) 50 GB Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered  Unmetered
Themes 100+ Free WP Themes 100+ Free WP Themes 100+ Free WP Themes
Domain Free Domain Free Domain Free Domain
SSL Free SSL Free SSL Free SSL
Domain Privacy No No Yes
Daily Data Backup No No Yes
Tools No Email Marketing Tool Email Marketing Tool
Extras No Free SEO Tools Free SEO Tools

WordPress Hosting :
Bluehost Review – Which Bluehost Plan is Best for Small Business?

Bluehost has three WordPress hosting plans to choose from Basic, Plus, and Choice Plus. The Plus and Choice Plus plans both cost ₹279 a month and provide comparable value.

The choice plus plan, on the other side, provides two additional features: daily data backup and domain privacy, which is a benefit of this plan.

The basic plan costs ₹169 per month. However, it may not be perfect for your business or capable of handling all aspects of your website. Thus the Choice Plus plan is recommended.

Pros and Cons of Bluehost Hosting


  • Easy to use control panel
  • Affordable pricing
  • Free Domain, CDN, and SSL
  • Great Customer support
  • Fast and secure.
  • Money back guarantee.
  • Excellent site performance.


Expensive domain renewal


Conclusion: Bluehost Review – Which Bluehost Plan is Best for Small Business?

Overall, Bluehost is an excellent choice for hosting, whether your company is small or large. Bluehost delivers the features you need at pricing that meet any budget, whether you’re seeking premium web hosting or want to improve your free blog hosts. Of course, you can get started for free with a 30-day trial or with one of their reasonable monthly plans. hope this article help you lot to get the complete information about Bluehost. if yes, then do not forget to share this article with needy persons.

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